Industry Leadership

Press Fit Technology: LNK pioneered this technology with Capsugel (then a division of Pfizer) and IMA North America (encapsulation equipment company) in 1994. LNK was the first and only company to produce an encapsulated product in the patented press fit gelcap configuration in a production environment. Producing this dosage form over two decades, LNK has never had a failure of the encapsulation system. This is currently the only national brand equivalent gelcap in both appearance and performance. To LNK's knowledge, they are the only manufacturer of a NBE Rapid Release APAP 500 mg, APAP PM and three Cough Cold items. Since it was introduced into the marketplace, Rapid Release has been the fastest growing segment of this category.

Changing from Pseudoephedrine (PSE) to Phenylephrine (PE): LNK was the first company, either national brand or store brand, to successfully launch PSE single entity and combination items as PE based products. At that time only retailers supplied by LNK had product on the shelf in preparation for the cough and cold season and for the subsequent allergy season.

Development of "Mucus Relief": Originally developed for the Drug Class in response to Mucinex® exclusivity at the time. Today, Mucus Relief manufactured by LNK totals in excess of $60 million at retail in the food, drug and mass channels.

Orange Ibuprofen Tablets & Caplets: LNK was the first company to manufacture an FDA approved orange Ibuprofen after the national brand, Motrin®, converted to orange. LNK immediately modified its ANDA to get an amendment.

Aspirin: LNK manufactures the only national brand equivalent in size, to our knowledge, to 81mg Bayer® Low Dose aspirin in the marketplace today. LNK is one of the largest producers of 81mg enteric coated aspirin in the world.

Children‘s and Junior Meltaways: The only NBE oral disintegrating tablet (ODT) currently available in the marketplace today, developing both national brand strengths and flavors.