Laboratory Services

Living proof of LNK's commitment to maintaining quality is its continuous stringent testing and adherence to standards.

LNK Laboratory Services ensures that only quality product is shipped to our customers by adhering to strict operating procedures and a rigid regimen of continuous testing at multiple checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process.

The Lab operates based on established US Pharmacopeia (USP) methodology. In the absence of USP guidance, it also has the necessary expertise to develop and validate its own proprietary procedures. The LNK Lab is fully compliant with Current Good Laboratory Practices (cGLP), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), the New York State Board of Pharmacy and FDA Regulations.

The LNK Lab samples, tests and releases raw materials and all finished goods.  The lab also validates the manufacture of new products and conducts stability studies to determine expiration dating of each product.

Even the Lab itself is tested. All LNK Lab facilities and processes are audited by recognized independent services including STR® and Bureau Veritas.

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