Producing quality products with consistency and uniformity has been a major factor in making LNK an industry leader.

Manufacturing is at the heart of what we do. Currently, LNK produces more than 150 formulas for a growing number of national and international customers, strictly adhering to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and maintaining full documentation, as federally mandated for all manufacturers in our category. Unlike other firms, we perform all facets of the manufacturing process in-house and on-campus, from Pharmacy and Compression to Coating and Encapsulation, which affords us unparalleled control over quality.

  • Our Pharmacy blends raw ingredients, both active and inactive, that have been screened for metal via a magnetized grid and tested and approved by our Laboratory into the specific formulas required by our customers. A full range of blending equipment gives us the flexibility to process both large and small quantities while maintaining absolute uniformity. All blends are further screened for metal.
  • Our Compression Department is where blends are formed into finished, single dose products. LNK is capable of producing a full range of individual tablet shapes from round or oval to capsule-shaped (commonly called caplets) as determined by the customer, in sizes from small to large. In order to ensure consistent quality and safeguard against cross-contamination, all LNK automated compression equipment is housed in individual, humidity-controlled operating suites. Tablets are further screened to ensure a perfect product free from breakage or chipping.
  • The Coating Department is where tablets are coated using the latest in automated equipment. LNK is highly experienced in sugar coating, enteric coating and flavored coating as well as microfilm coating.
  • Our Encapsulation Department transforms blended ingredients into gelcaps, banded gelcaps and capsules. The company is a pioneer and leader in this area of manufacturing and produces the only rapid release gelcap that is national brand equivalent.
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