Marketing Services

Helping to make our customers' private brand programs the most effective they can be with valuable market insight and support.

Working with so many national customers across such a broad range of product categories gives LNK a unique perspective on the OTC marketplace. By combining this market knowledge with syndicated data and trend analysis, our marketing personnel become an invaluable competitive resource for LNK's customers. They provide critical insights and assistance in helping to manage and optimize product mix for maximum sales and profitability, advising on product offerings, form and package count.   

That assistance includes on and off-shelf promotional programs such as displays, coupon programs and special value product counts, all of which promote end-consumer volume and strengthen the growth of customer private brand programs.

This level of expertise and support has forged strong marketing relationships with LNK customers and has resulted in widespread distribution of our branded lines. They now appear not just on the shelves of large national chains as you would expect, but in small, independent retailers as well.

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