“Throughout our company, safety is always our highest priority.”

Safety comes in all shapes and sizes

People say America doesn’t make things anymore. I beg to differ. At LNK, we manufacture many of the vital over-the-counter pharmaceuticals that improve the quality of life for millions of people every day. And we do it right here on Long Island, New York.

As a tablet press operator, I am proud to say that my job is to make sure that the medications compressed at LNK are of the highest quality. The quality of the tablet is fundamental to the quality of the final product.

In the tablet compression area, as throughout our company, safety is always our highest priority. A clean, safe environment invites better, more efficient production. We are vigilant about it.

I have been trained in all of the standard operating procedures for operating the tablet press. We make everything from small round to large round and even capsule-shaped varieties commonly referred to as caplets.

As required, I sample product from the machine to make sure that the tablets are correct and that there are no quality issues like breakage or chipping. They have to be perfect. Period.

During my shift, the machine will press thousands of tablets but nothing leaves here if it doesn’t pass my scrutiny.

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